Hawaiian bills are basically emergency notes issued during World War II for distinguishing US currency notes taken into custody by the Japanese force turning the bills to be useless. The notes circulated were in the form of 3 Federal Reserve Notes and 1 silver certificate. These overprints were issued subsequent to the attack on Pearl Harbour.

During the course of WW II The US issued some special money that was to be used only in Hawaii in response to a worry of Japan taking over the islands. If Japan ever did take over, the special Hawaiian money could be easily devalued. Not many notes have survived today.

Above you can see the 1935A 1 USD Hawaii bill that was the most common of all the denominations. George Washington can be seen in the center of each bill.

Above you can see the 5 USD Hawaii note. Abraham Lincoln is seen on each bill.

Alexander Hamilton can be seen on the front of each 10 USD Hawaii bill. These notes are the rarest of all the denominations. Star notes are difficult to locate on all denominations.

Above you can see the image for the 20 USD Hawaii bill.

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